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  • A NYC Guide by Luiza Mallmann
  • A NYC Guide by Luiza Mallmann

    A NYC Guide by Luiza Mallmann

    Traveling to NYC and looking for tips?

    Don't worry: Luiza Mallmann just got back from there, and prepared the perfect guide!

    Tips for traveling (which I do, right 😂)

    - A small bag to carry your essentials and not have to look for them in your suitcase or giant bag/backpack in the middle of your trip
    - A giant bag to carry everything and avoid excess luggage 😅
    - A face mask for the end of the flight, and leave with flawless skin
    - Take a thousand Ryzí bags (hehe)
    - And if you arrive very early and there is no check-in available, take your clothes in your hand luggage to change and get ready at the hotel heheh

    A perfect first day in NY

    - Go to the New Museum and also do some research in Soho (but don't get run over 👀);
    - I loved La Cabra café, always crowded (heheh);
    - I enjoyed having lunch at Rafs, to see all the fashionable people!
    - Lastly, I love taking a walk around Chinatown to find the best candies and sweets.

    Tips from some of our current favorites:

    - Sartiano's: Italian inside The Mercer to see and be seen by the fashion crowd;
    - Checchis: one we love for new American food and an Art Deco vibe;
    - Raf's: for lunch with the fashion crew in the middle of Soho;
    - Bangkok Super Club: a recently opened restaurant, which was our favorite on the trip;
    - Gemma: for breakfast at The Bowery hotel;
    - Dominique Ansel Bakery: for the best sweets and hot chocolate;
    - Sadelles: for an incredible breakfast;
    - Estela: a relaxed Michelin 💜.


    If there's one thing NY knows how to do, it's exhibitions :

    - MOMA: Fontaine Blue by Picasso is on and the collection is always on point ;
    - The new museum: always with controversial art ;
    - Mercer Labs: a technology museum with experiences that made it my favorite museum on the trip;
    - The Jewish museum: with the Chloé exhibition;
    - The Met: and the women dressing women exhibition with an archive of old fashion collections to die for.

    Did you like the travel tips? Follow Ryzí Universe and follow our travels first hand.

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