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  • Ryzí launches new collection "3 Little Aliens"
  • Ryzí launches new collection "3 Little Aliens"

    Ryzí lança nova coleção "3 Little Aliens" - Ryzí

    Ryzí brings another spectrum of its universe with the launch of its new “3 Little Aliens” collection, which brings colors and sensations literally from another world. Imagine that three aliens, coming directly from the planet Ryzí , are traveling through space and land on Earth, bringing with them a whole mix of intergalactic news.

    Upon arriving on Earth, they transform into three dogs, adapting to the Earth's climate. Each one represents a color that is typical of the season: pink, green and orange, all in neon. This way, new versions of well-known Ryzí creations emerge with the greatest possible originality.

    The Leia Micro, Gamora, Luna Bucket, Yoko and Korin models come to life with new colors and combinations that further highlight the brand's originality and innovation. Among the tones are Blood Red, Magenta, Jelly Green, Light Purple, Gray Taupe, Golden Yellow and, of course, the pink, green and orange colors in neon.

    “I like to bring playful references and play with colors, sensations and textures. This new collection is a mix of all these elements, bringing cheerful and fun accessories”, comments Luiza Mallmann, creative director of the brand.

    The “3 Little Aliens” collection is on sale in Ryzí physical stores and in the online store.