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  • What is the process of creating a collection like?
  • What is the process of creating a collection like?

    Como é o processo de criação de uma coleção?

    Do you know how the process of creating a new collection works here at Ryzí? We'll tell you!

    The process is divided into several steps before it hits the shelves!
    First of all, a theme is defined, which is always chosen by our Creative Director (Luiza Mallmann), through a brainstorm and study of market trends, new technologies, travel inspirations and others. Once this is done, the next step is to delve even deeper, carry out more defined and visual research, using images, textures and samples to create the moodboard.

    Once the moodboard is ready, the color palette, trims and types of leather that will be used are defined, the families within the collection are also divided, which can be divided into color variation and aesthetic variation.

    This first stage is very important to generate a visual construction of what Luiza really hopes this collection conveys to the public.

    After this development, the creation of models begins (variations of the brand's existing statement models can often be created, as well as the development of new models).

    If new models are developed, the execution takes much longer, as prototyping is carried out, which goes through several modifications, generating new samples each time, until reaching the final product, so that it can be reproduced in the correct colors and material. (This process alone varies from around six months to a year).

    The third stage is the creation of the first sample, it is the materialization of all the ideas, the bag undergoes an evaluation and if everything is correct and does not require any changes, the original model is manufactured, ready for launch!

    Therefore, it is important to understand and value the quality, finish and design of an exclusive product with a unique identity, as the process to reach your home is meticulously executed!

    Ufa! After all these steps, the collection is finally ready for marketing to receive, and carry out another huge process! Do you want to know more about this part? Stay tuned! We'll bring it to you soon!

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