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  • Luiza Mallmann talks about her inspirations and brand Ryzí for HARPER'
  • Luiza Mallmann talks about her inspirations and brand Ryzí for HARPER'S BAZAAR Magazine 2023

    Luiza Mallmann fala  sobre suas inspirações e marca Ryzí para Revista HARPER'S BAZAAR 2023 - Ryzí


    A fashionista to the core, Luiza Mallmann creative director of the Ryzí brand, collects affectionate memories at home and in her wardrobe, where the pieces are catalogued, but follow a providential disorder, full of humor

    by Anna Paula Buchalla | photos Carol Sales fashion edition Bruno Uchôa | styling Larissa Romano | beauty Mel Dantas

    Everything she isn't...is predictable. This applies to your personality, your wardrobe, your home and your brand, Ryzí , of stylish shoes and bags, with an aesthetic identity based on colors and geometric shapes. Luiza Mallmann is only 26 years old, but she has a lot of stories to tell and to catalog – from the pieces in her closet to the furniture inspired by modernism from the 1950s and 1960s, everything she keeps (and uses!) carries an emotional memory.
    Let's start with your apartment, which has everything to do with your wardrobe. Since she was little, Luiza saw the exposed concrete building by architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha, when she walked around Jardins, in São Paulo, and said that one day she would live there. After walking through the door and asking for a vacant unit, he got it just over a year ago. She moved there with her Dutch boyfriend and Chihuahua Gregório. From the stove and oven to the floor and walls, everything is original to the period. “I light the stove with matches and there is a limited time to heat the water in the shower,” she says with a laugh. These are just small biases in a life that seeks to rescue memories, hers and those of the community. In the house, the living room is full of colorful rugs – “every time I go on a trip I bring one”, says Luiza. In them, she loves to stretch out to watch movies and chat. The kitchen is all green. The furniture is antique and even the new sofas have an antique look. “My boyfriend jokes that it feels like we live in the past”, he laughs. “I like things with history.”

    Color has always been present in the designer's life, who studied fashion at Central Saint Martins, in London, and Fashion Photography at the London College of Fashion. And the themes that accompanied the colors were also a constant in his routine. When she was little, she sometimes dressed all like a ladybug, sometimes just in yellow and black, neon from top to bottom or in all jeans, and always with accessories, lots of them – “and my mother would deal with that”. Such originality provoked comments and, as a teenager, she chose to dress in black from head to toe. The all black phase lasted from the age of 15 to 19, when she heard from a colleague that her look was standard. The comment hurt Luiza's ears, exactly the opposite of what it always was and still is: original and not at all predictable.

    “I’m extremely thematic. I create stories and continue without fear of doing something different”

    That's when he rescued the colorful pieces from his closet. From the hats to the shoes, what tied their look together was once again a theme. “I’m extremely thematic. I create stories in my head and continue without fear of doing something different.” The collections of Ryzí and DL Store , her second brand of bags, shoes and clothing, also follow these narratives, ranging from fairies and Disney princesses to a trip that inspired her, a series, a song. The last of its themed phases was based on aliens. “Even my Instagram only had alien stuff,” he says. “I'm very visual, I have a lot of references in my head and I rescued these 'files' randomly”, she explains about her creation method. Just step into Luiza's closet to understand her creative and humorous universe, a breath of fresh air in the sameness that you see out there. A pink boot here, a triangular bag there, coats with a thousand prints, multicolored pants – all together and mixed, with good taste, of course.

    “My closet is a big little mess. I like playing with styling and I take care of my clothes as if they were collections. There are people who collect photos, others perfumes, I collect clothes as memories. They are all cataloged and labeled.” There are no meaningless purchases in your drawers and shelves, much less fast fashion pieces. “I only buy things that will last. Even my t-shirts...some last more than five years.”

    Luiza uses her own clothes to style Ryzí . And accessories from your signature brand are part of your everyday looks.

    “I can’t leave the house without one of my pieces, a shoe or a bag, it makes a lot of sense with my style.”

    The truth is that it does not go unnoticed. Her colorful and inventive look catches your eye in a fun, light, happy way like her. And it's like that in your refuge too, showered with flowers bought at the Sunday street market, scented candles scattered throughout
    rooms, and crystals and plants in strategic places in the house to energize. The most precious thing inside, besides love, she says, is her endless collection of penguins, irreverent, unusual and full of personality. Pure fun, just like Luiza herself.

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