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  • Why invest in a leather piece?
  • Why invest in a leather piece?

    Por que investir em uma peça de couro?

    Leather is a natural material, considered noble and is used to make clothes, accessories, decorative objects and others.

    It is also the raw material for our brand, so it is important to say that all our tanneries are regulated by the CICB - Centro das Indústrias de Tantumes do Brasil and have the Brazilian Leather Sustainability Certification (CSCB) and the Leather Working Group ( LWG).

    These programs define environmental and labor standards that leather production must follow and act as a guarantee for consumers that the product complies with good sustainable production practices, complying with the basic principles for preventing pollution.

    That said, we bet on leather for the following reasons:

    - Our pieces become timeless, do not generate absurd waste, polluting the environment less.
    - They are highly durable and can last for years and still look like new. (of course, if stored correctly)
    They are versatile models, they come in different sizes and colors and are suitable for different occasions, it will not be a piece that you will buy and only use once, we love the thousands of combinations, possibilities and occasions for our Ryzís to be used.
    - Resistance: Our pieces are resistant, making them perfect for your daily routine, travel and outings.
    Furthermore, all of our products are 100% made manually and in Brazil.

    Investing in a Ryzí means being sure to buy, in addition to a unique design, a high quality and durable product to use for many, many years!

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