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    Reajuste de preços - Ryzí

    This is an open letter to all those who follow our journey. Ryzí is a 100% Brazilian brand whose main pillars are valuing the handcrafted work of local artisans, design and timelessness.

    Ryzí 's trajectory so far has been very successful. We honor our purpose of valuing national work, we bring innovative product proposals to the market and we guarantee the delivery of quality in each of our exclusive accessories, made by hand.
    However, our route ran into some obstacles, which is normal given the current scenario. All costs increased, from raw materials to marketing.

    Various paths were studied and evaluated, but, with the aim of maintaining an active, healthy and national production chain, the price adjustment from November onwards for our products became inevitable. We wish to maintain a transparent and true relationship with all those who accompany us, and clarify that in order to continue honoring our purposes, this path is fundamental to our progress as a brand.

    Finally, we would like to thank and invite you to continue being part of the Ryzí universe , sharing your experiences is one of the main inspirations for us and together, we will create a new chapter for the brand and for the exclusive and national fashion scene.

    Luiza Mallmann.

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