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  • Ryzí bets on a metallic and authentic collection
  • Ryzí bets on a metallic and authentic collection

    Ryzí aposta em coleção metalizada e autêntica - Ryzí

    As an option to shine at Carnival, Ryzí Follows You arrives to enhance your look

    Ryzí celebrates summer in a radiant way with the Ryzí Follows You collection. Investing in the metallic trend, the bag models Wanda, Elektra , Gamora , Storm Micro , Leia Micro 2.0, Mini 2.0 and Medium 2.0 , Korin , Luna Bucket and Yoko Micro gain new holographic version.

    This time, the fairies from Ryzí's world enter the scene to bring special sparkles to the pieces, which despite following the brand's classic design, allude to a carnival and fun atmosphere, due to their new contemporary style.

    The Luna Bucket comes in mustard color with a braided strap with red details; the Leia Mini 2.0 has an entirely metallic silver design, while the Mini and Micro sizes are made up of mixed cutouts also in gold.

    The Gamora also received a glittery Estelar Gold design, and the Storm Micro three new colors: Estelar Silver, Estelar Gold and a mix of Silver, Gold and Off White. The Korin model was also designed in gold and silver and the Yoko Micro received gold details under a mustard leather.

    “The idea behind the collection is summer with a lot of authenticity, taking advantage of the carnival atmosphere that is approaching, as well as exploring the beauty of the dazzling universe of fairies. I really like working with metallized, I feel that it is enough to innovate and open up an infinite number of possibilities without leaving aside the playful aspect, which is Ryzí’s DNA”, comments Mallmann .


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