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  • Ryzí enters the geek universe in a collab with Turma da Mônica
  • Ryzí enters the geek universe in a collab with Turma da Mônica

    Ryzí entra no universo geek em collab com a Turma da Mônica

    Brand bets on bags featuring the most beloved characters from Brazilian comics

    Ryzí , a Brazilian brand known for its timeless design, designed by creative director Luiza Mallmann , dives into the universe of national comic characters and launches an unprecedented and super exclusive collab with Mauricio de Sousa Produções. The Turma da Mônica collection was born by combining a strong characteristic of both brands, which is the appreciation of handmade work, despite a global technological scenario.

    Bringing its geometric DNA into bags and accessories, combined with striking features of the characters created by designer Mauricio de Sousa, the collection features two handbag models made one by one by hand: the Leia Micro, in black and white, with characteristic eye patches of the characters from Turma da Mônica and a new model, in the shape of Bidu, reproducing all the characteristics of the blue dog, from the perspective of Mallmann's design. In addition, two separate strap options with eyes were also developed - one in black and the other in red - which can be used on any model of Ryzí bag and also a wallet in the shape of Mônica's teeth.

    The process was done in stages, through sketches and tests to bring Mauricio de Sousa's lines to Ryzí's geometric molds. The eyes gained prominence, as they are a common point in all the characters and that is why they were chosen for one of the models and for the handles, placed one by one manually.

    Mallmann always seeks to bring references from the playful universe into his creations, taking inspiration from drawings and films. Turma da Mônica was always present in his childhood, as well as for a large part of the Brazilian population. Her mother used to read comics with different voices and characteristics so that she could delve deeper into this universe.

    “This collab is without a doubt a dream come true. Turma da Mônica was very present in my growth process and being able to unite two Brazilian brands, which value manual work and the creative process, giving new meaning to memories, is a challenge, but one that generated an incredible result, bringing the striking characteristics of both in the production of products”, comments Mallmann.

    The collection is part of the celebration of Mônica's 60th birthday, which began in March 2023. Mallmann was also one of the designers invited to create a reinterpretation of the character's famous blue rabbit at the Sansão Estilistas Brasileiros Exhibition. Furthermore, a second drop from the Ryzí + Turma da Mônica collection should be launched soon, with the active participation of Mauricio de Sousa in the creation of the model.

    “For us, it is always an honor to be able to count on the creativity and talent of national artists. This is a unique opportunity to combine the timeless charm of our characters with a brand that values ​​Brazilian design and culture. We love the new collection, which will please both longtime fans and fashion enthusiasts” says Mônica Sousa, executive director of Mauricio de Sousa Produções.

    The collection will be available for purchase at the brand's physical store and on e-commerce : https://www.ryzi.com.br/ .

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