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  • Ryzí launches My Own Light collection
  • Ryzí launches My Own Light collection

    Ryzí lança coleção My Own Light - Ryzí

    Collection brings vibrant tones inspired by the feelings and light of each person

    Ryzí , a Brazilian brand known for its timeless design, designed by creative director Luiza Mallmann , opens another door to its universe with the My Own Light collection. The collection comes in seven models in vibrant tones, which are a metaphor for feelings, emotions and the light that exists within each person.

    The Storm model comes in micro size in pumpkin color; Gamora gets a new version in dahlia & carrot. TheLuna bucket appears in the carrot version, off white & black; the Korin comes in the radiant yellow & pumpkin color combination. The Magik model comes in radiant yellow, pumpkin & off white; Yoko has a new version with the colors radiant yellow, pumpkin, bakerloo & lipstick. The Leia 2.0 has two color combinations: pumpkin, radiant yellow, finally yellow & carrot, in mini, micro and medium sizes and dahlia, purple, grape & magenta purple in micro and mini sizes.

    “The world has been going through very delicate and dark times. On my last trip I reflected a lot on this whole scenario and noticed that I am a person who always tries to see light and color and how to reflect that. I always try to see the positive side of things. It is this reference that I wanted to bring to My Own Light , this metaphor in relation to feelings, represented by colors and how much our own light has the power to transform the surrounding scenarios”, comments Mallmann .

    My Own Light Door will be available for purchase in Ryzí brand physical stores and e-commerce.

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