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  • Ryzí launches collab with Adriana Degreas
  • Ryzí launches collab with Adriana Degreas

    Ryzí lança collab com Adriana Degreas - Ryzí

    Ryzí , a brand run by Luiza Mallmann , launches an exclusive collab with Adriana Degreas . The collection brings together the expertise of each of them, in exclusive and authorial pieces, handmade by local artisans.

    Known for its three-dimensional shapes, inspired by origami, Ryzí brought the identity of Degreas ' iconic shell bikini and managed to transform it into details for the pieces developed.

    There will be three models of bags: a shopping bag, called Aquata , which will have a toiletry bag inside; a clutch that will be called Adella and, finally, Andrina , a bucket. The collection will also feature an exclusive slider model, a first for Ryzí .

    Slider - Ryzí + Adriana Degreas

    The models can be found in different versions in each brand, in shades of blue, silver, coral, gold, Lagoon and Cognac. The campaign will bring the mood “ Inside the Shell ”, portraying a symbolism with a view of the world from a perspective from inside the shell, like a pearl.

    Ryzí + Adriana Degras

    Ryzí always seeks to team up with brands that have the same synergy and the purpose of moving away from the traditional. “This collection is something unique and very special. It has a very big meaning, as we had to find more organic shapes. As Ryzí is three-dimensional, we had to think of different ways to achieve the effect we wanted in a work we had never done before. We are very excited and happy with the result”, says Luiza Mallmann .

    The pieces will be sold exclusively in the physical stores and e-commerce of both brands, with some exclusive colors in each of them.

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