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  • Ryzí launches “Welcome Space”
  • Ryzí launches “Welcome Space”

    Ryzí lança “Welcome Space” - Ryzí

    Special collection of shoes brings models inspired by the brand's iconic bags

    Ryzí , a brand owned by Brazilian Luiza Mallmann , known for her original designs in bags and design; innovates once again and launches the special Welcome Space footwear collection on October 28th. The idea is to bring the concept to gravity shoes , with lighter and more comfortable models, inspired by the brand's iconic bags.

    There will be four types: Gamora slide , Gamora heels , Storm slide and Storm heels , with color variations in shades of black , pink , green , blue and off white .

    Looking for ways to combine its original design with the colors, cuts and textures of its traditional bags, Ryzí has ​​also been bringing this curation to the footwear segment.

    “The Welcome Space Special Collection brings all of this in light and extremely comfortable shoes, to make an impact not only because they are unique pieces, but also because they give the feeling of stepping on clouds”, says Mallmann .

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