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  • Ryzí News - [Coperni's CD-Player Swipe Bag, Airbnb + Dreamworks and more...]

    Ryzí News - [Coperni's CD-Player Swipe Bag, Airbnb + Dreamworks e mais...]

    CD-Player Swipe Bag

    After the "spray dress" shown at Paris Fashion Week 2022, Coperni strikes again: now presenting the CD-Player Swipe Bag. The model is original from Coperni, made using 3D printing, it imitates the Discmans used in the 90s - and it works(!) -. The product has a USBC rechargeable battery.

    The launch is part of a fashion movement that seeks to increasingly reach generation Z, combining technology and fashion in innovative products, making Coperni part of the vanguard in this revolution.

    Night in Shrek's Swamp

    In a celebration of Halloween, Airbnb together with Dreamworks announced its newest experience last Tuesday: accommodation in the Shrek swamp. Located in the Scottish Highlands, the accommodations are surrounded by nature and perfectly replicate the film's settings.

    Reservations can be made from October 13th, and can be for two nights for up to three guests between October 27th and 29th, the stay is free!

    Drake's "For all the Dogs"

    To announce his next album, "For all the dogs", Drake takes to the runway of Berlin's abandoned Tempelhof airport, with a giant painting of the design part of the cover of his new album. The drawing shows a white dog that was handmade by the rapper's son, Adonis.

    "For all the dogs" will be released on October 6th.

    french waltz

    Tyler, The Creator, a rapper who has been investing heavily in his fashion brand Golf Le Fleur for years, has just announced the addition of a line of fragrances, with the first launch being French Waltz, which will take place on December 8th. The fragrance will be available on the brand's website from December 13th in two size options.

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