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  • Ryzí News - [Invitation to the Moon edition]
  • Ryzí News - [Invitation to the Moon edition]

    Ryzí News - [Invitation to the Moon edition]

    A brand new ATOMIC family

    The latest release RYZÍ _ INVITATION TO THE MOON_ has arrived, and it's full of news! The first is the ATOMIC family, in the Bucket, Baguette and Micro models, completely inspired by origami, which incorporate the concept of pleated paper, creating chic and fun accessories, but at the same time light (and we can't decide which is our favorite).

    1 RYZÍ, 2 ways to use it

    Inspired by a star that changes shape according to individual desires, STELLAR presents a distinct geometric aesthetic, which thanks to its structure allows it to be used in two different ways: in a more dry way, and straight (perfect for a fashion statement) and in a more bulging shape (perfect to fit some more of your essentials).

    Our latest obsession

    ANDROMEDA is inspired by the spiral of the Andromeda galaxy, capturing the elegance of the cosmos and mystery in a single design. With a differentiated and perfect opening in its finishes, as well as a new fascinating stingray leather texture, ANDROMEDA IS OUR LATEST OBSESSION.

    Perfect for day and night

    Wearable sculptures_ our position is to offer true works of art that can be (much) used! Designed to be versatile and unique, the SKYE is perfect to accompany you all day, it carries three-dimensional aesthetics and textures inspired by geometry to create a unique and timeless RYZÍ. Her triangular cutouts carry our already characteristic DNA, and we can't wait to see her walking around a lot!

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