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  • Ryzí News - [ SP-Arte, Cillian Murphy and Anne Hathaway at Versace and more... ]

    Ryzí News - [ SP-Arte, Cillian Murphy e Anne Hathaway na Versace e mais... ]


    The twentieth edition of SP-Arte began on the 3rd, the largest modern and contemporary art fair in South America, bringing together more than 1,500 artists and 190 exhibitors, including art galleries, design studios, publishers and cultural institutions.
    One of the highlights of this edition is the return of designer Jader Almeira with part of his creations, and also the exhibition Tátil: materials in contemporary design, curated by Livia Debbané.
    SP-Arte runs until April 7th, at the Ibirapuera Park Biennial Pavilion, with tickets starting at R$40.00 that can be purchased on the SP-Arte website.

    Versace's new icons

    Cillian Murphy and Anne Hathaway star in the new campaign titled "Versace Icons" launched last Wednesday by the fashion house.
    “Strong, direct, iconic. For me, Anne and Cillian are two of the best actors working today. Exceptionally talented, kind people who I admire and respect, looking their best. Very Versace,” said Donatella Versace, the brand’s creative director.

    Black Yacht Rock Vol. 1

    On his 51st birthday, Pharrell Williams secretly released a new album titled Black Yacht Rock Vol 1. The 10-track album pays tribute to his hometown of Virginia, calling it the “Unlimited Access City.” Available only to listen to on the album's website, BlackYachtRock, Pharrell releases the album without the help of any streaming platform.

    WYN Beauty

    Serena Williams launched her new makeup brand, WYN Beauty, on the 3rd. The result of a five-year creation process, WYN reaches the international market with 10 items, which include: foundations, concealers, lipsticks, eye pencils, serums, among others. All products are presented in packaging in which the predominant tone is fluorescent green, the same as that found in tennis balls.
    WYN Beauty makeup costs less than US$30 and can now be found at Ulta Beauty, a famous cosmetics store in the United States, with no expected arrival date in Brazil.